Home to handcrafted, non toxic artist grade watercolor paints and travel paint kits.

Welcome to Pfeiffer Art Supply. Home to our handmade watercolor and Acrylic paints .We live in the San Diego California area and have always had a deep love for color, art and nature. As a result Pfeiffer Art Supply was born from a love of these three elements. We have named each color after a bird and hope you enjoy browsing our website.

Pfeiffer Art Supply began with wanting to craft pure, vibrant, non-toxic pigments and other natural ingredients such as: organic honey, a natural preservative, and gum arabic into beautiful, buttery watercolor pans of paint. These are not paints bought from your local art store and squeezed into paint pans. The pigments are all mulled by hand on a glass slab. Also, each paint is poured by hand into their half or whole sized pans. Each color takes about a week from start to finish to create and no two will look "perfect" or alike. It is normal for some cracking to appear.

We also wanted to create small, travel-sized watercolor and Acrylic paint kits to take for when you want to paint in your spare time at your local coffee shop, restaurant, or favorite secret spot.

We have all 5 star reviews in our Etsy store. If you want to read reviews, head on over to www.pfeifferartsupply.etsy.com to read our amazing feedback that has been left.

If you would like the Color Index numbers for each of our colors, please email me through the contact button and I will send you the list. (Each listing also contains the CI number).

We hope that you enjoy our handcrafted Watercolor paints.

Thank you,
Jen Pfeiffer

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