My very first color that I started to play with was Lemon Yellow. This is an oxide color. An oxide is strong in tint and usually more opaque then other pigments. 

This is VERY true with this particular Lemon Yellow Oxide.  When painting with this, it is very creamy and opaque. I fell in love with this color almost immediately and I am glad this was my first color to work with because believe me when I say that other colors can be very difficult to figure out. It is a very bright fun color to work with. One of my personal favorites.

Next, how did I name this color? When I began researching this color and the many different types of birds, the first and only one that stood out was a Yellowbill Cuckoo. Is this Cuckoo really yellow? Nope... Here is an illustrated view of a Yellowbill Cuckoo

The only thing yellow on this bird is its beak.  However, the name stuck on me and it fits well. This particular cuckoo lives in Africa south of the Sahara.

One of my favorite things when making new recipes up is, figuring out the name of the bird.