We recently had our very first studio visit with none other than Matt Buck (@He_Draws). Matt is a part-owner and  tattoo artist at @noidolsnyc. In that studio visit, Matt demonstrated how strong our magnetic casing is for our watercolors, and even did some swatching. While he is now known for his prolific illustration and tattoo abilities; something many do not know about Matt is his education in fine-art and illustration before he happened into tattooing. Like many artists, his first steps into mastering illustration began with watercolors. Watercolors are ideal for progressing in your illustration abilities for a number of reasons. First, it’s a more forgiving medium than others in color studies. Secondly, the transparent nature of watercolors enables you, the artist to learn how to handle a brush as you fill in your illustration.  Matt’s work in watercolors speaks to his desire for clean and refined lines. It is also a reflection of his surroundings with key figures from the Florida area, which is where he attended college. No matter where you are starting at, whether you want to master illustration or just enjoy the soothing hobby of watercolors; we hope these images serve as inspiration for you.