New things are happening in our studio this year....We are excited to announce four new colors coming in February 2019. We will have two new Mica Sparkly watercolor paints:

Swan Silver Mica - Silver Mica

Golden Rufous Havana Ochre - Natural loam. Y43 (77492)-R102 (77491) + Gold Mica (From France)

We will also have two new very bright pigments added to our regular line:

Honey Creeper Turqoise Blue -  PB 28 (77346) - Lightfastness/ Good (From Belgium)

Pink Robin Rose Magenta -  PR122N - Lightfastness/ Good (From France)

Also this year Pfeiffer Art Supply will be offering watercolor ceramic pans to help reduce plastic waste. Would you like to be able to recyle your paint pans plastic or ceramic when done with them? Mail them back to us and we can refill with your favorite Pfeiffer  Watercolor paint at a discount. 

Ceramic pans are a tad smaller then a regular half pan of paint. Of course the cermaic does cost a bit more then plastic but we would like to offer these at a reasonable cost for our consumers. 

Ceramic pans will be $7 each (filled with paint). Each pan will have a very strong magnet attached. 

These are all  handmade and non toxic paints. Much work goes into one pan of paint believe it or not.

Also we would like to start offering more used vintage tins to house our paints as this does also lesson waste fin our environment.  We will also be using less labels on our pans of paint that are bought as kits. Individual pans what are bought seperatly will be wrapped.